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Sicoma Planetary Concrete Mixer

Henan Daswell Machinery is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixer, Sicoma planetary concrete mixer for many years.

Brief Introduction of SICOMA Planetary Concrete Mixer:

SICOMA planetary concrete mixer is the leading direction of disc mixing. Both the rotation of mixing blades and the revolution of main shafts can ensure uniform mixing in a short period.

SICOMA planetary concrete mixers can save raw materials for you and give you stronger concrete using less water and less cement, because the high consistency mix gets all stone and sand fully coated with cement. SICOMA planetary concrete mixer can mix all grades concrete with higher efficiency and it is the industry standard for planetary concrete mixer. In addition, SICOMA planetary concrete mixer is world famous brand. Its product quality and after-sale service are recognized by customers all over the world. And it is an ideal choice for building block, precast products, commercial concrete, etc.


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